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Information on Pastoral Services, Counseling, Eulogies, and Matthew's publications including Peaceful Journey and Spiritual Care Companion is now located on his new website, Finger Lakes Pastoral Services at .

The scenic beauty and natural wonders of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State offer a bounty of activities for young and old alike. From hiking and camping to boating and fishing, one can discover Mother Nature's creativity and genius firsthand. It also demonstrates the rugged individualism of the pioneers who settled this region as seen in the architectural legacy they have left for posterity.

The photos featured on this website are just a fraction of that beauty and wonder. From sunsets and waterfalls to lighthouses and old farms, humanity and nature are captured at their finest moment on film. The photos evoke a sense of being present-you can feel the mist of a waterfall or hear the call of a bell from an old, abandoned country school.

From an early age, Matthew has been interested in photography. Although he did take a course in photography while at Hamilton College, most of his work comes through his life experiences. While traveling in the former Soviet Union and Middle East, he developed his gift of "capturing the moment on film." (Yes, he still uses film.) Patience, persistence, and a little bit of luck are the keys to his success when he ventures out to shoot some photos.

All photos are 8" X 10", mounted on acid free, museum quality board, and framed in quality, painted, wood frames. Photos sell for $75.00 each. Assorted 5" X 7" Note Cards are sold in packages of 5 for $10.00 each. Shipping and handling charges are based upon total number of items ordered. Please E-mail Matthew for additional ordering information.

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Corn Crib
Howell Creek
Howell Falls
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